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A grade school Student Newspaper by MSES. Students everywhere are learning journalism skills by creating their very own newspaper. MakeMyNewspaper is proud to be the first company to expose and help pre-schools, grade and middle schools in publishing their own newspapers. Visit our School Newspaper Headquarters to learn how to publish your own 9+ Article Writing Examples for Students - PDF, DOC. It is quite a common activity for students to write something intended for publication. That task can mean writing an article, an entry for a competition, and a review, and all possible write-ups that can be published in an English magazine. It is a good activity to harness the students' writing.

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Check out the examples below. It is important to remember that both news and features demand the same level of research and reporting. Read examples of news and feature articles from the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. Read them all, then write your own articles modeled after them. The Basic Story Outline. The best way to structure a newspaper article is to first write an outline. Review your research and notes. Then jot down ideas for the following six sections. Remember, this is just a. students the News Clipping Sample for Twilight to give them an idea of how one event from the book was made into an article. Ask a student to read the sample article aloud. 4. Next, ask each student to find a book that they are familiar with and choose an important event to write a news article for Out of millions of the possible school newspaper topics, the most widely referred to is Things going around in a school. It is sort of a basis on which the newspaper itself is built. Students need to know the currents news, upcoming school changes, important dates and events, information on school clubs or parties For example, a worldwide student art competition could be the subject of a newspaper article. National laws and legislation regarding schools and education should also be covered in news articles, because they concern all students and will impact their lives Content for students including a daily news article, world events, editorials, editorial cartoons, new quizzes, examples of media bias and more.Includes a section devoted to the 2020 presidential election. #11 - Teaching Kids News This site provides articles on news, art, sciences, politics and more for students in grades 2 through 8, along with thinking questions and discussion prompts.

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In my school, bullying is common, I think the reason why are people bullying at my school is the difference, for example; different styles, different labels of shoes and many others. Personally, I believe that parents should explain and guide their children about the importance of respect. up. 0 users have voted. Log in or register to post comments; 1x . 0x . Aaron 17 December, 2019 - 07:00. Wie du beim Schreiben eines newspaper article vorgehst, wird im Folgenden näher beschrieben. 1. Headline und subheadings . Die Überschrift (headline) ist von besonderer Bedeutung, da durch diese die Aufmerksamkeit des Lesers gewonnen wird. Sie soll den sogenannten eye-catching effect erzielen. Das Thema sollte daher in der Überschrift präzise und knapp dargestellt werden. Um die. Have your students cover a school event while at the same time, learning the proper format of a newspaper article. This would be a great addition to any writing skills unit! This is also a great way to get students involved in the school community- perhaps covering a topic of their interest and/or giving them an opportunity to learn more about a team, club or event going on in the school that they would otherwise not have been involved in

Newspaper Article Format A typical newspaper article contains five (5) parts: Headline: This is a short, attention-getting statement about the event. Byline: This tells who wrote the story. Lead paragraph: This has ALL of the who, what, when, where, why and how in it. A writer must find the answers to these questions and write them int Newspaper Analysis a) Find a newspaper article that interests you. Give the title and date. b) for example. But a fan writing in the Times wasn't impressed: As a reader who has grown up with Harry over the years, the site dispels the magic of the wizarding world by removing the air of mystery behind the narrative that sparks debate among fans. That's an attitude that strikes a chord with.

The grocery store where your mom shops may not benefit from advertising in a student newspaper. However, the coffee shop that high school students frequent may be interested in ad space. Approach managers politely. Explain to them you're starting a newspaper and need funds for printing and other costs Writing a Newspaper Article Student Handout Creating a Newspaper Article 1. Outline the purpose of your article 2. Choose an article topic 3. Research the article 4. Write the article 5. Edit the article - have a friend proofread it 6. Rewrite the article and type it on the computer 7. Do a spell check 8. Optional class activity: Use a software program such as PageMaker or QuarkXpress to create Writing Examples in PDF; Writing Templates & Examples; The word article can be used to refer to a brief written composition which is often found among other compositions typically included in different publications (e.g. newspaper, magazines, online, etc) WINTERTemplate NEWS FEATURES The news feature focuses on a topic of interest in the news. News features often cover the same subjects as deadline hard-news stories, but do so in greater depth and detail.. Sample Articles 1. The preparations for the senior high school 2. The school's emergency and disaster management plan 3. Sports/Academic. Feature articles - these explore the issues raised by news stories in more depth. For example, a report about young children left home alone could inspire a feature article on the difficulties of.

Paragraph, on Newspaper For School Students. Paragraph, on Newspaper: Reading Newspaper/Newspaper The paper that provides news and views of home and abroad is Called newspaper. It is called the storehouse of knowledge. Reading newspaper has many advantages. We get all sorts of information through the newspaper. We can know what is happening all over ile world through it. It gives us news about. 10 | Newspaper reports example articles For a wealth of free downloadable reports and recounts, head over to Literacy Wagoll where you'll find reports of dragons on the loose and Jack climbing the beanstalk to things like WW2 and the Rugby World Cup final This page features several children friendly examples of newspaper articles for them to learn from. Language Features: The Headline. Headlines convey information and attract attention using the following: Short phrases and incomplete sentences; Figurative language; Stereotypes; Exaggeration; Writing A Newspaper Headlin Author, A. A. (Year, Month Date). Article title. Newspaper Title, pp-pp. Example Goold, D. (2011, March 31). Opening day more relaxed for Holliday: Outfielder doesn't feel the pressure of being new guy with big contract. St. Louis Post Dispatch, pp. C4

A news article can include accounts of eyewitnesses to the happening event. Headlines are typically on top of the news article that give scream on the gist of what that specific news article is about. News articles, be it online or printed, may contain additional material that is perceived useful by the reporter in order to make his or her report more comprehensive to the public (e.g. pictures, infographics, statistics, video interviews, tables and figures). You may also se Tes for schools Log in Register for free. Resources Jobs News Magazine Courses Log out Help. Home feed. My list Examples of Newspaper Headlines. Subject: English. Age range: 7-11. Resource type: Other. 4.4 24 reviews. traine3. 3.7529411764705887 248 reviews. Last updated. 22 February 2018. Share this . Share through email; Share through twitter; Share through linkedin; Share through. Facts: Every news article includes simple, true statements about what happened, such as The flooding set the building's security system off at 5:15 a.m. Quotations: These retell, word for word, what someone actually said. Usually these quotations come from witnesses at the scene, or experts on a subject. For example NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. A PPT which guides pupils through writing a newspaper article. Great for revision or for introducing it as a new topic

Get the Best Summary of a Newspaper Article Example Online. It is not surprising why many are having difficulty when it comes to writing a great summary especially that this requires knowledge and expertise. Fortunately, you can seek professional help online from our team of expert writers in which can personalize your summary based on your guidelines. We have extensive knowledge on how we can easily create the best summary for you, whether for academic or professional documents. In fact, we. Newspaper Article DTD. <!DOCTYPE NEWSPAPER [. <!ELEMENT NEWSPAPER (ARTICLE+)>. <!ELEMENT ARTICLE (HEADLINE,BYLINE,LEAD,BODY,NOTES)>. <!ELEMENT HEADLINE (#PCDATA)>. <!ELEMENT BYLINE (#PCDATA)>. <!ELEMENT LEAD (#PCDATA)>. <!ELEMENT BODY (#PCDATA)>. <!ELEMENT NOTES (#PCDATA)> Newspaper Article Template - 10+ Indesign, EPS, PDF Documents 12+ Vintage Newspaper Templates - Free Sample, Example Biography Template - 20+ Free Word, PDF Documents Download Newspaper Template - 154 Free Word, PPT, PDF, PSD, EPS 8+ School Newspaper Templates - Free Sample, Example, Format. I thought I would start by explaining some of the terminology and features of newspaper language. In the UK we have tabloid and broadsheet newspapers. Tabloid. For example, The Sun, The Mirror, The Express, The Mail; Smaller in size with shorter, less serious articles (typically about celebrities, crime and amusing stories) Broadshee

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  1. Reading news also enhances and tests out your ability or skill in critical thinking. Newspapers do not only provide coverage of the news around the world but it can also offer insights. These insights could spark and form an opinion and stance from the readers regarding a certain news story. When you would encounter someone who contradicts your views, this could also spark up a debate (hopefully a friendly and healthy one)
  2. The newspaper article is for everyone and aims to inform the readers by giving them correct and updated information. That is why it is crucial to maintaining an informative tone that does not show your subjectivity. It must be based on a factual account, incident or event. Do not exaggerate the details by using hyperbolic language
  3. Sample Powerpoint Presentation School Newspaper Free Download If you're making a presentation about your school newspaper, you could go for this template. The image of the folded newspaper is enough to give the audience an idea of what it is about
  4. Over the holidays collect a set of newspaper articles from several different newspapers. You may cut each article out from the paper try and find at least 5 different articles. (But more is better). Cut them out and stick them to a large piece of paper or poster. Remember to bring them to school with you. When you have found the articles read each one carefully and try to identify any common.
  5. Wednesday's Example of Media Bias is a weekly example of biased news reporting. Also included on each page are questions about the excerpt and definitions of the types of media bias. November 2020. 11/18/2020 - AP dismisses attorney's claims of election tampering. 11/11/2020 - Media Networks Cut Off Press Conferences. 11/4/2020 - Big 3 ignore identity of rioting groups. October 2020. 10/28.
  6. An example Newspaper Article about the Norman victory at the Battle of Hastings and the death of Harold Godwinson. Suitable for Lower KS2 and ideal if you happen to be studying newspaper articles in English and the Anglo Saxons/Normans/Early Middle Ages/Kings and Queens in topic! Could be used for guided reading or as model text (WAGOLL) as a stimulus for writing
  7. Times Video N.Y.C. Mayor Announces New Opt-In Period for In-Person Learning. Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday said that all New York City students in the public school system, who've been learning.
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  1. Example. Three articles with independent, self-contained content: <article>. <h2> Google Chrome </h2>. <p> Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google, released in 2008. Chrome is the world's most popular web browser today! </p>. </article>
  2. 10 Article Headline Examples That Got Us 10 Million Readers By: David Please note in this article, the terms Title and Headline are inter-changeable. They mean the same thing. 10 Post Titles Guaranteed to Get YOU Results. 1. The Classic How-to Title / Headline. A lot of popular blogs and websites have discovered formulas that deliver results every time. One headline formula.
  3. Make your headline short and snappy. In the first sentence sum up what the story is about. Write your report in the third person and the past tense. Split your newspaper report up into paragraphs.
  4. Write a feature article for a newspaper. Pick a topic that interests you, then research it before writing the piece. Prompts: Headline, Introduce the topic and tell why it is interesting, Give some examples, facts, history, quotes, Summarize topic and give ideas for the future. Space for an illustration with caption

Tes for schools Log in Register for free. Resources Jobs News Magazine Courses Log out Help. Home feed. My list Newspaper report features examples headline sub-heading quotations. Tes classic free licence. Reviews. 4.6. hussinbaraka700. a year ago. report. 5. k_lowery. 3 years ago. report. 5. liesltheweasel . 4 years ago. report. 4. Great - saved me lots of time! katemoz. 5 years ago. In the source element of the reference, provide at minimum the title of the newspaper in italic title case. If the newspaper article is from an online newspaper that has a URL that will resolve for readers (as in the Carey example), include the URL of the article at the end of the reference. If volume, issue, and/or page numbers for the article are missing, omit these elements from the reference

Have your students cover a school event while at the same time, learning the proper format of a newspaper article. This would be a great addition to any writing skills unit! This is also a great way to get students involved in the school community- perhaps covering a topic of their interest and/or giving them an opportunity to learn more about a team, club or event going on in the school that. Explore clippings of newspaper articles, obituaries, marriage announcements, local news and archives at Newspapers.co Dubai Express is another example of colorful yet legible layout design. The layout has 10 colors on one single page, used in different contexts in different colors. Note the sharpness of typography and use of capital letters on the front page. In this case color is definitely appropriate as the newspaper's main topic is entertainment. Mint (India

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A news article discusses current or recent news of either general interest (i.e. daily newspapers) or of a specific topic (i.e. political or trade news magazines, club newsletters, or technology news websites).. A news article can include accounts of eyewitnesses to the happening event. It can contain photographs, accounts, statistics, graphs, recollections, interviews, polls, debates on the. Each Daily News Article contains comprehension and critical thinking questions, found below the article. In addition, we provide Background and Resources (including video clips, maps and links) below the questions to give students a better understanding of the news story. Sign-up to receive a FREE daily email with answers to the questions. March 2021. 3/22/2021 - News from the.

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Primary Resources - free worksheets, lesson plans and teaching ideas for primary and elementary teachers Example: 31.3 percent of American adults are obese, and the percentage of obese Americans increased by 5 percent in 2018 alone. By reading the above example as the introduction to an article you will want to know why 33.8 percent of American adults are obese and why that number increased so much in one year. Method #3: Start With a Stor Some examples of popular newspapers include The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The Chicago Tribune. How to cite a newspaper in print. Works Cited; Structure: Last, First M. Article Title. Newspaper Title [City], Day Month Year published, p. Page number. Example : Bowman, Lee. Bills Target Lake Erie Mussels. Pittsburgh Press, 7 Mar. 1990, p. A4. View Screenshot. A letter to the editor is meant to express your opinion or point of view about an article you have read from a news organization or website. How to send StudentNewsDaily a Letter to the Editor: E-mail: editor@studentnewsdaily.com. Include: your full name, school name & state, the headline & date of the article on which you are commenting. Letters may be edited for length, grammar and accuracy. Examples give you an idea on which areas you should focus on in order to guarantee your brief version is relevant. Common Mistakes People Make While a Summary of Newspaper Articles . You may have noticed the newspaper articles summary is somehow different. An example could guide you through the process. However, there are a few mistakes people make while doing the generalizing process.

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Community newspapers, often but not always publish weekly, and also tend to cover subjects larger news media do not. Some examples of topics are students on the honor roll at the local high school, school sports, crimes such as vandalism, zoning issues and other details of community life. However, such hyperlocal articles are sometimes dismissed as chicken dinner stories. Leo Lerner. Whether you are a high school or college student, writing article reviews is a challenging assignment. If not already assigned by a professor, one is faced with the task of culling a myriad of sources to select a suitable article. When the preparatory stage is over, it's time to write. If you want to have a broad idea of what your paper should look like, study our article review examples

The top-performing fake news story identified in the analysis is a hoax from October that claimed President Obama had banned reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools. It was published by ABCNews.com.co, a fake site made to look like ABC News that scored six hits in the top 50. The Obama hoax generated more than 2.1 million shares, comments. Here's an example of a short-circuited headline writing process: a story about Mideast violence in the fall of 2000. The story reported that Palestinian outbursts often occurred on Fridays after Sabbath noon prayers. Here's the news headline: Mideast violence flairs. after Sabbath prayer Unit: Writing a News Article (middle school) 1 of 10 Includes the main elements of a news article, writing headlines, writing a lead, story sequencing, differences between fact and opinion... all the basic aspects of news writing are included in this 15 page multiple-skill unit © 2021 Master Dry Cleaners, All Rights Reserved Site Map | Hom

Student Journalism You might find some inspiring ideas here. The article below, from The Red and Black, the University of Georgia's online student news source, is a good example of an excellent topic for student journalism Teaching Kids News posts weekly news articles, written by professional journalists. It's free to read and use in the classroom. Please also use TKN's Search feature to search the more than 1,000 articles in our archives Note that a <div1 type=filler> can, and typically should, be viewed as independent of the article in which it is used to fill the end of a column

The school is an incarnation of self-respect, love, affection, sensibility; responsibility and compassion which puts the students into a State of flow and makes them genuinely wan to learn. We recognize, appreciate, applaud and foster the fine blend of sensibilities in a child changing a negative outlook from drab and demoralized to bright and expectant. This school attains its eminence in the first place through the achievement f children. The magazine also espouses the School spirit. example #2: Newell Rubbermaid Reinvents Mechanical Pencils with First Sharpie Liquid Pencil Liquid graphite technology eliminates the frustration of broken or dull pencil lead Sometimes we use the article and sometimes we do not. It often depends on the context. Watch the following example: The student goes to school. The mother is going to the school. In the first sentence we do not use the definite article, in the second we do. The student goes to school for its primary purpose, so we do not use the article these findings. First, the sample size was small. Out of 802 incoming students who were invited to participate, only 32 students completed the pre- and post- anxiety inventory. With . Introduce your reader to the title of the article, I. nclude a thesis statement. Provide a brief summary. of the article in your own words. Begin the critique. This can be multiple paragraphs, bu

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Irregular Verb Worksheet. Literary Terms Worksheet. Past Tense Verb Worksheets. Present Tense Verb Worksheets. Printable Free 7th Grade English Grammar Crossword Puzzles. Pronoun Worksheets. Verb Tense Worksheets. Verb Worksheets. English Grammar Rules & Usage Subject: Content of newspaper articles. Dear Mr. Mahesh, I am Venkat, and ardent and regular reader of your newspaper and have been reading it for nearly the past nine years. The main reason I am writing this letter is to say that initially, I was very happy with the type of articles you were publishing and your selection of writers and stories. However, of late, I believe the newspaper's style and preference have changed. I am writing on behalf of several other readers as well. Article Review-Writing Sample 1. Literature review created for required writing sample for application to academic admission, 2008 © 2008/2014 by Dawn Drake 2. © 2008/2014 by Dawn Drake 1 A Critical Review of Lieff, J. (1982). Eight reasons why doctors fear the elderly, chronic illness, and death. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 14(1), 47-60. Literature Review Jonathan Lieff, author of this article, holds a B.A. from Yale College and an M.D. from Harvard Medical College. We asked five experts if schools should ban mobile phones in classrooms. Danielle Einstein, psychologist: yes First, mobile phones are too easily used at the expense of face-to-face communication

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Browse free articles from ChemMatters. Subscribe to access the full magazine. Acids & Bases. Cheesy Science It is storable milk. It can last weeks or years longer than milk and there is such a variety of cheese. But when did we start making and eating cheese? And why? The Flint Water Crisis: What's Really Going On? How did the Flint water crisis happen, and what was done to make the city's. Schools that offer some sort of news literacy curriculum usually do so as a standalone course, or as part of the school's civics curriculum. But fake news plagues every single field of study. Fundamental beliefs and assumptions, or the things that people at your school consider to be true. For example: All students have the potential to succeed, or Teaching is a team sport. Shared values, or the judgments people at your school make about those belief and assumptions — whether they are right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust. For example: It's wrong that some.

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3. Clear examples. 4. Review Structure. 5. Review Grammar. In your central paragraphs, be concise and specific. Give examples with details, not just general ideas. If you can say the same thing with fewer words, do it! Many writers think that using lots of big words and starting every sentence with a complicated clause makes their writing seem better. Actually, it often just makes it harder to read Download & print high-quality, custom-illustrated free newsletters for work, home or school! No registration! Choose from different categories or submit your favorite theme! Search. 0 item(s) in your cart. Home; Templates; Articles; About Us; Contact Us; Free newsletter templates for your office, organization or school! Just download and print! No registration required. View Newsletters. Coronavirus: Boris Johnson told teachers and students must get weekly COVID-19 tests for safe return of schools. The head at one school tells Sky News the most important role of a teacher is. Little Rock, with Interstate 630 as the dividing line between majority black schools located south of the highway and majority white schools north of the highway, is no different

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