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Do you know all about software? Learn more about software To use old iMac as the external display monitor is a good solution for those who needs the large screen. You can use the target display mode to do it by connecting PC/Mac to iMac with the cable. Moreover, QuickTime also shares the mirror way to get iMac as the monitor for iPhone and iPad. As for watching the large screen on PC from iPhone/iPad, you can also use Apeaksoft iOS Screen Recorder Das maximal angeschlossene Thunderbolt-Display beträgt 1 für MacBook Air (Mitte 2011), MacBook Pro 13 Zoll (2011), Mac mini 2.3 GHz (Mitte 2011), 2 für MacBook Air (Mitte 2012 - 2014) und MacBook Pro Retina (Mitte) 2012 und später), MacBook Pro 15 Zoll (Anfang 2011 und später), MacBook Pro 17 Zoll (Anfang 2011 und später), Mac mini 2.5 GHz (Mitte 2011), Mac mini (Ende 2012 - 2014), iMac.

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  1. The same Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt port can be used as a video input that allows your iMac to serve as a monitor for another Mac. All you need are the proper ports and cables to make the connection between the two Macs. The Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt-equipped iMac can only receive DisplayPort-compatible video and audio
  2. Luna, the company who offer an accelerated hardware/software solution for using an iPad as a second monitor for your Mac has recently announced they now offer the option to use your Mac as a second monitor. So if you have a second Mac spare then you can use Mac - iPad or Mac to Mac. This opens in a new window
  3. Aside from that, you can also make use of the Target Display Mode for you to be able to connect your MacBook to some other versions of Mac such as the ones that are in late 2009 or a version that is in the mid-2010. And with that, some users are asking if they can use iMac as a monitor for PC. And the answer to that question is a YES! It is most definitely that you can make use of your iMac as a monitor for your PC. But before you can do that, you will be needing to have an iMac.
  4. It is not possible to use your iMac as a monitor for your HP. A simplified rule is: Any iMac that has a Thunderbolt port cannot be used as a monitor by non-Apple products. There is no cable or adapter that will make it work; don't waste time or money trying

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How to Use iMac as External Monitor for PC/Mac/iPhone/iPa

  1. Duet Air is getting a nice update that allows customers to make use of a Mac or PC as a secondary external display. This offers great flexibility, especially for users in both ecosystems. Duet..
  2. How to use iMac as a monitor There is no need for any 3rd party apps or software to make this to work. Apple has the equipment that is integrated into OS X that will support iMac as a secondary monitor. This method is named the Target Display Mode
  3. i and Mac Pro. More About Modes. sets up in seconds. Simply plug in Luna, launch the apps, and your devices will automatically connect! Luna is available for USB-C or Mini DisplayPort. connects over wifi or USB. Luna's connectivity reaches as far as your WiFi network. And if WiFi isn't available, Luna connects over.
  4. VNC can remote one monitor only so you could see PC monitor 2 on the iMac with VNC. As long as the PC is configured to 'have' two monitors you could screen share only from the second one even if there is no physical scree
  5. Target Display Mode (TDM) was introduced in 2009 with the release of the 27-inch iMac. It allows Mac users to use iMac as external monitor by plugging a compatible device into iMac's Mini DisplayPort. Then users can gain exclusive use of the iMac's display. Target Display Mode can accept DVI and HDMI sources from the DisplayPort
  6. A software to double screen is available in less than $20 and including the stand, it is very cheap for a second monitor. If you have apple's 12″ MacBook, or MacBook Air, you can double your screen by using iPad as monitor or second screen

Verwendung des iMac als externer Monitor für PC / Mac

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