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The oldest surviving set of rules of Australian rules football were drawn up on 17 May 1859, three days after the reformation of the Melbourne Football Club for the 1859 season. Melbourne Football club was first formed on 31 July 1858 when a code of rules were written. These rules were based on school football rules but made simpler, so they were easier to follow Australian rules football, a football sport distinctive to Australia that predates other modern football games as the first to create an official code of play. Invented in Melbourne , capital of the state of Victoria, in the late 1850s, the game was initially known as Melbourne, or Victorian, rules football and was an amalgam of various football rules that were in use at English public (independent) schools

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A brief history of the best game in the world- Australian Rules Football. All credit to the following videos, which were used in this collaboration: https://.. Aussie Rules has been around since 1841 in some form or another. Its game that is pretty much exclusively played in Australia and the only professional league of its kind, the Australian Football League (AFL) is also situated there. Many players affectionate with the sport may call it a mix of footy, football, Aussie rules and Australian rules On May 17, 1859, Hammersley, Smith, Thompson and Wills, gathering at Bryant's Hotel in East Melbourne, wrote the 10 rules that formed the basis of what has become today's game. The original rules and the hand-written document can be accessed here

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History. Statue at the Melbourne Cricket Ground of Tom Wills umpiring the first Australian Rules Football game in 1858. In 1858, Tom Wills, a former student of the Rugby school and Cambridge College, created a set of football rules that were like a cross between rugby, soccer and Gaelic football. He made up the game for cricketers to keep in shape during the off-season (winter). Wills had help. The history of Australian football can be traced to 1858 when Tom Willis, hit upon an idea of introducing football with a set of rules, so that Australian cricketers could be kept healthy in the bitter cold of the winters. The first Australian Rules football was played in 1858 in the Yarra Park on 31st July, 1858. Although it was only an experimental match, it saw Australian Rules football. Australian Rules football evolved in Melbourne in the mid-19th century. Both Gaelic football and an Aboriginal game (commonly referred to as 'marngrook') have been cited as inspiration, but the game really emerged from the football played in English public (that is, private) schools. Transported to the parklands of Melbourne, the game was shaped by the vast open spaces and the men who. Australian rules football was played by a British representative rugby teamwhich toured Australia in 1888. The team arrived in Hobart, Tasmaniaon 18 April. They attended a social function with the Southern Tasmanian Football Association, before going to New Zealand for a series of rugby matches

Information for kids K - 6 about Australian Rules football, with history of the game and explanation of how it is played. Includes an easy to read section for early readers. For school and homeschooling projects or just reading for interest. Home / About Us / for Teachers / For Parents / Homeschooling / Contact Us / Australian Rules Football was first played in 1858. A match is between two. The Fitzroy Football Club is an Australian rules football club currently competing in the Victorian Amateur Football Association. Formed in 1883 to represent the inner-Melbourne municipality of Fitzroy, the club was a member of the Victorian Football Association, before becoming a foundation member of the breakaway Victorian Football League in 1897. Fitzroy won a total of eight VFL premierships, of which seven were won whilst they were nicknamed the Maroons and one as the Gorillas. Australian Rules Football History. 1,847 likes · 11 talking about this. Anything and everything of footy history regarding all Aussie Rules competitions..

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Australians love football also known as footy or Aussie Rules and has its own league, the Australian Football League or AFL as it is commonly called. Here are a few interesting facts about this much loved sport. How the Game Came About. The game was first developed by cricketers during the middle of the 19 th century and was used as a form of fitness during the winter months. It has been. In this blog, we're cracking open the history books to take a look at the journey of Australian Rules Football over time. One for the history books. The first game of what can loosely be described as Australian rules football first kicked off in 1858, on a school field. That's right, 160 years ago. Australian Football League recognises the match between Melbourne Grammar School and against.

Archive Page for the Australian Rules Football League - AFL in Australia. Get Past Season Aussie Rules Football Standings, Winners, Results, Scores, Fixtures & Stats from the last & other previous Seasons of the Australian AFL of Australian Rules Football in Australia only at ScoresPro - the best place for past AFL Aussie Rules Football season rankings and statistics AFL fixtures, results and scores from the Toyota AFL Premiership Season, AFL Community Series and the AFLW Season by roun

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David Stern's NBA legacy is legendary, but few people know of his link with Australian rules football, and how he helped transform the VFL into the modern-day powerhouse that is the AFL Archive Page for the Australian Rules Football League - SANFL in Australia. Get Past Season Aussie Rules Football Standings, Winners, Results, Scores, Fixtures & Stats from the last & other previous Seasons of the Australian SANFL of Australian Rules Football in Australia only at ScoresPro - the best place for past SANFL Aussie Rules Football season rankings and statistics History of Australian rules football cards Pre-1900. The first Australian rules football cards were produced in conjunction with Goodwin & Co's Old Judge Cigarettes in the late 1880s. Early Australian rules football cards are distinguished from Carte de visite portrait photograph cards as the former were for mass commercial dissemination whilst the latter were often for personal use

Australian rules football - Australian rules football - Play of the game: Australian rules football is played with an oval ball that weighs between 450 and 480 grams (16 and 17 ounces) and has a short circumference of 545-555 mm (21.5-22 inches) and a wide one of 720-730 mm (28-29 inches). Australian football is one of the few field sports that does not use a uniform-sized ground; it. Australian Football League. All the latest AFL news, AFL video, results, scores and information All the latest AFL news, AFL video, results, scores and information AFL - News, Videos, Fixtures, Scores & Results - AFL.com.a AFL marks/goals highlights from all 16 current AFL teams of the great Australian game we call footy. Australian Rules Football highlights from the history of..  Australian rules football  was invented in Melbourne Australia, and the first match was organised and umpired by Tom Wills and contested on 31 July 1858. The oldest surviving set of rules of Australian rules football were drawn up on 17 May 1859, three days after the formation of the Melbourne Football Club

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Australian Rules Football. Here you will find everything you need to know about AFL Rules, History and Facts by AFL Explained The game was played mainly in London and surrounding area's, administrated by the British Australian Rules Football League (BARFL), but has begun to expand nationwide since the turn of the millennium with the introduction of Aussie Rules UK. Aussie Rules UK believed that the BARFL was only interested in London and surrounding area's and felt that it ignored developing th code in other regions. They also promoted the concept of playing 9-a-side games, allowing access to more grounds and. Australian Rules was played on the MCG for the first time in 1859, a winter game devised for utilising the shape of existing local parks and cricket ovals, unlike the other football sports of rugby and soccer, played on rectangular pitches. Initially, though, a soccer ball was used, but later a spheroid rugby ball was preferred. Since the late nineteenth century th

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Courtesy: Members of the Mentone Police and Citizens' Youth Club with Alan Poore, former captain of club and a current player with the Collingwood Football Club. Crowd surrounds coach Bill Green of Parkdale Football Club in the club's first appearance in the first grade Federal League finals Australian Rules Football History. 1,817 likes · 8 talking about this. Anything and everything of footy history regarding all Aussie Rules competitions in all states of Australia. Feel free to add.. Doha Kangaroos Australian Rules Football Club 'Qatar's Premier Australian Rules Football Club The Kangaroos playing history is a proud one; having competed in the AFL-Middle East League since 2009, finishing runners-up in 2011 and 2013 and winning the 2014 Premiership. To date they are the only team outside the UAE to win an AFL-Middle East Premiership. There is a great Aussie Rules. The Society's collections include a significant number of images relating to the history of football in NSW. On this website they are organised thematically in the categories below. You can browse your selection by clicking on the images in any category. Alternatively, if you are seeking specific items (photographs of a specific player or match for example), you can use the search bar. NSW.

The Carlton ladies football team, 1933. Leader, August 19, 1933 Tonight, when Collingwood ruck Emma King jumps to tap the ball against her Carlton opponent, the spirits of thousands of women who.. Click the video below for an introduction to Australian Rules Football. Welcome to Australian Football, our very own game. Australia is a funny place. We have our own Indigenous people, a British colonial past, and we have had wide immigration over the many years since the first settlement in 1788 from many different countries and cultures. About three quarters of our 20 million people have ancestors who have migrated to Australia since 1788. Nearly half have at least one parent born overseas Rules, History and Equipment in Australian Football Posted on 27/03/2019. Playing Australian football requires a combination of athleticism, physical toughness, skill, and speed. This game allows players to tackle the player with the ball and obstruct the opposing team from tackling their teammates but not to intentionally strike the opponents. Rules . Just like any other team sports, the.

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  1. Australian Rules Football Television History Wiki. 3,037 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. The Winners (ABC) Footy Classified; Football Inquest; The Winners (FOX Footy) Tony Charlton Football Show; The Winners Rebooted; 2019 AFL Round 1 - Carlton v Richmond; VFL/AFL. 1986 VFL Round 6 - Fitzroy v Richmond ; 1992 AFL Round 1 - Brisbane v Carlton; 1992 AFL Round 1.
  2. However, the real starting point of Australian Rules football was the formation of the South Australian Football Association (SAFA) on 30 April 1877, one week before the Victorian Football Association (VFA) began in Melbourne. The SAFA clubs agreed to replace the several different local rules with a single uniform set of Melbourne or Victorian rules
  3. Instead of being seen as working class, Australian football became associated with chardonnay, ballet and yuppies. 105 years of Australian rules in Sydney was wiped clean and it instead came to be viewed the game as a recent Melbourne import. Local Australian football clubs folded or amalgamated, while others formed alliances with AFL clubs that required they take the AFL club's colours and logos
  4. Football was definitely inspired, and based on other ball games, with the first football identifiable Australian rules football game organised in Melbourne in 1858. Thomas Wentworth Wills, sometimes described as the game's inventor, was one of the umpires at a match between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar School in the Richmond Paddock. Played as a 40 per side contest, the game is claimed by some as the first match of Australian football Wills had previously published letters calling.
  5. Originating in Melbourne in 1858 and somewhat resembling Gaelic football, Australian rules football was confined largely to the football Football , any of a number of related games, all of which are characterized by two persons or teams attempting to kick, carry, throw, or otherwise propel a ball toward an opponent's goal
  6. See for example, David Thompson, 'Indigenous Sportsmen and Women: Football', in Dave Nadel and Graeme Ryan (eds), Sport in Victoria: A History, Ryan Publishing, Melbourne, 2015, pp. 131-2; Barry Judd, 'Australian Rules Football as Aboriginal Cultural Artifact', Canadian Journal of Native Studies, vol. 25, no. 1 (2005), pp. 215-37; Barry Judd, On the Boundary Line: Colonial Identity.
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An Aussie Rules football guide for dummies Collingwood's Mason Cox was the second born-and-bred American, after Jason Holmes, to play senior AFL football. Michael Dodge/Getty Imag On the origins of Australian football. The Indigenous game of marngrook and its claimed connection to Australian rules football has provoked unusually intense debate. 1 Dismissed as 'an emotional belief', 'falsifying history', 'lacking any intellectual credibility'—who could have imagined that the seemingly innocuous matter of an Indigenous game of football would meet with such. Australian rules football. Category page. Edit. History. Talk (0) Carlton Football Club. Melbourne Football Club. Collingwood Football Club. Richmond Football Club

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  1. Australian football In 1859 members of the Melbourne Football Club devised the rules which became the codified rules of Australian Rules football. Football was played on the MCG for the first time in 1859 and since the late-19th century the MCG has been the symbolic home of football, first in Victoria and, with the establishment of the Australian Football League, in Australia as a whole
  2. Buy books about Australian Rules Football (AFL) from Boffins Books. Easy, secure checkout and flat-rate shipping Australia-wide. Visit us in the Perth CBD. 88 William St, Perth WA. Trading hours . Tue: 9am - 5:30pm: Wed: 9am - 5:30pm: Thu: 9am - 5:30pm: Fri: 9am - 6pm: Sat: 10am - 5pm: Sun: 12pm - 4pm: Mon: 9am - 5:30pm: Send us a message. Ask our staff anything about our shop or.
  3. Australian rules football would grow to have an inseparable connection with Victoria, but Tom Wills was born in New South Wales in 1835 and lived there for much of his childhood
  4. Despite what you may be thinking, what is regarded as football is in fact called soccer in Australia.For Australians, football is one of the most exciting sports in the country that has its very own league - Australian Football League (AFL). Also known as footy and Aussie Rules, here is everything you need to know about this popular sport

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  1. Historical accounts of football's founding moments are mixed. Wills codified the rules of the sport in 1859 without a mention of marngrook or the Indigenous Australians he grew up with
  2. Southport Sharks senior men's team began competing in the North East Australian Football League (NEAFL) when it was formed in 2011, which provided an elite second-tier Australian Rules competition. In 2021, we welcome our new recruits from all over Australia to the men's side who are preparing to don the black and white in the all-new VFL/East Coast competition
  3. Die Australian Football League ist die höchste Spielklasse des Australian Football in Australien und die einzige Profiliga in dieser Sportart. In der AFL spielen derzeit 18 Mannschaften. Bis 1990 hieß die Liga Victorian Football League. Die Spielzeit in der AFL beginnt Ende März und endet traditionell mit dem Grand Final am letzten Samstag des Septembers. Das Grand Final, der Saisonhöhepunkt, in dem der australische Meister ermittelt wird, wird im Melbourne Cricket Ground in.
  4. More Australian Rules Football Television History Wiki. 0 1991 State Of Origin - Tasmania v Victoria; 1 1996 AFL Lightning Premiership Round 1 - North Melbourne v Melbourne; 2 1989 QAFL Grand Final - Southport v Windsor-Zillmer
  5. ute quarters. The game starts with ruck. This is where the.
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Although Australian Football may be Australia's most popular sport, many people fail to understand the game. Fear not, as we at The Culture Trip are here to help with easy-to-comprehend explanations of everything from scoring to season structure, clubs and rules. With this guide, you'll be well prepared for the next football season This page is a complete chronological listing of VFL/AFL premiers.The Australian Football League (AFL), known as the Victorian Football League (VFL) until 1990, is the elite national competition in men's Australian rules football. The inaugural premiership was awarded as a result of a round-robin finals system; this format was replaced after the first season, and a grand final has been held. The Australian Rules Football Card database now forms a significant component of a new entity called Aussie Rules Collectables A new website has been created which I will still be doing all the updates and maintenance on. I really hope you enjoy the new and easier format. It provides lists and images of many sets of Aussie Rules Collectables and is expanding all the time. It also allows for. Wheelchair Aussie Rules has been developed to provide all Australian Football enthusiasts with or without a disability with an aussie rules experience that has strong parallels with the traditional game. Based on AFL rules and played on a basketball court, this wheelchair sport is open to anyone to play! Importantly, WCAR is easy to play, and provides an environment whereby participation, enjoyment and safety are a priority

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Australian Rules Football Boots Australian Rules Balls Mouth Guards Head Guards Training Aids & Accessories Football Socks AFL Fangear AFL Team Wear Baseball & Softball Basketball Boxing Cricket Cycling Darts Football Games & Leisure Golf Hockey Netball Rugby League Rugby Union Skate & Scooters Snooker & Pool Surf & Watersports Swimmin Australian Rules Football (also Aussie Rules or footy) is a physical contact sport. It is a form of football with roots traceable from early forms of Rugby and Gaelic football, but it is uniquely Australian. Its rules were codified in 1858, and probably predate all other modern forms of football, such as American, Canadian, Rugby Union and League, Association (Soccer) and Gaelic football. Booktopia - Buy Australian Football League books online from Australia's leading online bookstore. Discount Australian Football League books and flat rate shipping of $7.95 per online book order History made as Tiwi Islands celebrates female team at Australian rules football grand final Mary Dunn a board member for the Tiwi Bombers says the launch of a women's team has been a long time.

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AFL Mixed Trivia Questions & Answers : Australian Rules This category is for questions and answers and fun facts related to AFL Mixed, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: AFL Mixed Quizzes There are 413 questions on this topic Follow AFL 2021 standings, overall, home/away and form (last 5 games) AFL 2021 standings Melbourne Football Club History and Heritage. Raised $275; Donations 3; Donate Donor Info. About the project. The Melbourne Football Club is the oldest professional football club in the world and we are very proud of that fact. In almost 160 years it has naturally accumulated stores of memorabilia and priceless artefacts that need to be made available for public viewing. Our fans have. Tom Wills grave restoration project reveals football's heart, soul and history. Russell Jackson . A quest to restore the grave of Australia's first cricket great and the father of Aussie Rules. Australian former professional footballer Timothy F. Cahill was known for his aggressive and powerful approach and his ability to head the ball in the penalty area during his playing years. Having scored 50 goals in 108 caps, he is the all-time leading goalscorer for the Australia national team. Currently, he works as a pundit for BBC Sport and Sky Sports

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AFL Australian Rules Football forum, footy blogs and aussie rules community. Live game chat. Menu. News. Forums. New posts Search forums. Clubs . Adelaide Adelaide Crows Women's Team: 2 x AFLW premiers! The Backyard The Locker Room. Brisbane Lions Lions Women's Football Roster Watch The Den. Carlton Blues Player Watch & Carlton Reserves The Blue Room - In honour of The Cranium AFLW Carlton #. 1614571782 Football Australia to continue championing female football during Female Football Week 2021 The achievements and contributions of women and girls in football will be recognised and celebrated by Football Australia over the coming week as Female Football Week takes on a digitally led focus for 2021 A history of all the budgety and obscure Aussie rules video games! Regional content! Somehow more niche than my usual topics! Timestamps below! LiveShare Home; Agriculture; Fashion; Foods; Games; Health; Movie; Sports. Football; Racing; Basketball; Technology. Android; IOS; Computer; Apple; Travel; Share video clips, latest news and updates Home. Football. Video games based on Australian.

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The Birth of Australian Football Australian Rules football is our national game and uniquely Australian, with its origins dating back to 1858. Tom Wills is credited with creating the game of Australian football, as a way of keeping cricketers fit during the winter months.Wills wrote a letter in 1858 to Bell's Life in Victoria & Sporting Chronicle, stating the need to form a foot-ball club. Australian Rules Football ORIGINS AND HISTORY. The first game of Australian Rules football occurred in August of 1858 when Scotch College played Melbourne Church of England Grammar School in a game where composite rules were used to overcome the different rugby type games that were played in England and Scotland at that time Historical Facts about Aussie Rules. Australians have played football for more than 15 decades and the game has a very fascinating history. This article has arranged all the football events in Australia in a chronological order to help you understand better the history of this sport as discussed below . 1858- This is the year that the first ever football match was played in Australia. It was.

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A history of Aussie rules football and its intersection with working class politics since the first football strike in 1883. Scabs, coppers, strikes and footy Despite what the corporate managers who run the Australian Football League and programmes like The Footy Show would have most supporters think, Australian Rules football and politics do go together and have always done so The exact origins of Australian football are a little unclear. The first 10 rules were written down in Melbourne in 1858. These rules may have had some similarity to the various un-codified forms games of football (games played on foot) that were being played in Britain at the time In the winter 2016 issue of Meanjin, Jenny Hocking and Nell Reidy tried to resuscitate a common popular misconception that Australian rules football had Aboriginal origins. They claimed to have produced new evidence that changes everything, but the single piece of new information they discovered only confirmed something that has been known for some time—that Indigenous games were played in the Western District of Victoria. These games had strong cultural significance, sometimes used as ice. In Aussie Rules Football the ball can be kicked or hand passed and not thrown and the ball needs to be kicked through the middle of the four goal posts for any points to be scored. Unlike rugby, players cannot throw the ball! In Aussie Rules, there are two types of scores, a goal (6 pts.) and a behind (1 pt.). If the ball is kicked through the central goalposts this is a goal, whereas if the ball is kicked through the outer posts it is a behind. Goals can only be scored when a.

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  1. A Short and Amazing History of Aussie Rules. Paperback. Paula Hunt. RRP $16.99. $15.25. BUY NOW. 121 Results | View 24 / 100. 1 2 >. Sort By Booktopia Recommends Bestsellers Most Recently Published Alphabetical Price Low to High Price High to Low Customer Review Rating Number of Customer Reviews
  2. Since the inception of Australian Rules football in the 1850s, women have been eager to be involved. More than 100 years ago, they began taking to the field. However, their stories have largely.
  3. Corpus ID: 108795836. A National Game: The History of Australian Rules Football @inproceedings{Hess2008ANG, title={A National Game: The History of Australian Rules Football}, author={Rob Hess and Matthew Nicholson and B. Stewart and G. Moore}, year={2008}

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  1. In 1859 members of the Melbourne Football Club devised the rules which became the codified rules of Australian Rules football. Football was played on the MCG for the first time in 1859 and since the late-19th century the MCG has been the symbolic home of football, first in Victoria and, with the establishment of the Australian Football League, in Australia as a whole
  2. The history of this young, successful and multicultural country can bring us wisdom from which we want to learn, commented the organisers of the festival. The main events in the Trece Uho festival will be held in November, however more events have been organised throughout the year. Australian Rules Football in Dubrovnik . This uniquely Australian sport and has the highest spectator.
  3. A compilation of some of the biggest and best fights, whacks, and bumps in Australian Rules Football from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s
  4. Indeed it is thought that Australian Rules evolved from Gaelic Football through the many thousands who were either deported or emigrated to Australia from the middle of the twentieth century. Notwithstanding the banning in 1695 of Sunday football (and Hurling) by the Sunday Observance Act, the 17th and 18th centuries provided several detailed accounts of the playing of both codes. The blind Louth poet Seamus Dall Mac Cuarta described a football match played near Slane in the late.

In Australian rules football, play is continuous for 20-minute segments or longer, unlike in American football, which has stoppages after every down. The frequency of concussions has ticked higher. The history of AFL football, the birth of Australia's national game. AFL FOOTBALL LINKS Brownlow Medal . Australian Rules Football - The Early Days. In the early days of Australian Rules Football some basic rules had been formed. In 1897 the scoring system was formalised with six points being awarded for a goal and one point for a behind. This scoring method still remain in place today in the.

Australian Rules football has been described as the most data-rich sport on Earth. Every time and everywhere an AFL side takes to the field, it Every time and everywhere an AFL side takes to the field, it. This is the official ball of AFL, Australian Rules Football, and has been used since the 1880s australian rules football stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Aussie Rules background Vector background for Australian Rules Football. australian rules football stock illustrations Buy Rhino Australian Rules Football online. Shop for everything Aussie rules. Best value AFL balls, training equipment, tackle bags and pads, teamwea Australian Rules Football Rules. Australian Rules football has been kicking around ' down under ' since 1841. As a rule, the professional league game gets played exclusively in Australia. AUSSIE RULES UK: The Australian Football League (AFL) has its sporting origins based in the antipodes of the United Kingdom

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Archive Page for the Australian Rules Football League - NAB Challenge Series in Australia. Get Past Season Aussie Rules Football Standings, Winners, Results, Scores, Fixtures & Stats from the last & other previous Seasons of the Australian NAB Challenge Series of Australian Rules Football in Australia only at ScoresPro - the best place for past NAB Challenge Series Aussie Rules Football season. Long live AFL.Edited by Paul ThomasSongs: Battle by Steve JablonskyUnstoppable by E.S. Posthumu

A History of Aussie Rules Football by Alana Pirrone A look at the 120-year history of Australian Rules Football (1897-2016). The visualization explores ladder placement for each club after the home and away season as well as premiership success Aussie Rules Mascot Melee 10 questions. Average, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Mar 24 08. Everyone has a strategy for winning the office footy tipping competition. I predict the outcome of each match by determining which team's mascot would be most likely to win a one-on-one battle Australian rules football during the World Wars Category:Australian rules footballers at the 1908 Melbourne Carnival Category:Australian rules footballers at the 1927 Melbourne Carniva This Crash Course Podcast episode is all about Australian Rules Football and includes everything you need to teach about the history of this great game. The short, fun podcast is quick-paced and is perfect for engaging even the most reluctant of students. Included is also a 'Design Your Own Banner' activity and a quiz to help assess for comprehension. An exciting way to engage and excite your.

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Help: Live Australian football scores service on Flash Score offers AFL live scores, results and tables. Follow AFL live centre with match summary, statistics, lineups and player statistics, SANFL and WAFL live scores and results from other Australian football leagues. FlashScore.com livescore service with Australian football scores is real time, you don't need to refresh it AFL Mixed Trivia Questions & Answers : Australian Rules This category is for questions and answers and fun facts related to AFL Mixed, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: AFL Mixed Quizze Archive Page for the Australian Rules Football League - Community Series in Australia. Get Past Season Aussie Rules Football Standings, Winners, Results, Scores, Fixtures & Stats from the last & other previous Seasons of the Australian Community Series of Australian Rules Football in Australia only at ScoresPro - the best place for past Community Series Aussie Rules Football season rankings. News Today || Headlines Today It was football fever in the Top End when thousands from across the country spilled into the remote Australian island o

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